Tonehole Sensor reading?

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Re: Tonehole Sensor reading?

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Thanks, Andrew. I did some fiddling around, looking at the sensor data, and finally came to the sad conclusion that there isn't enough range between "closed" and "open" to have any meaningful pitchbend values. If I try to push the weak signal too far, all I get is something very "dirty" in the sense of jumping erratically, which is definitely not musical! I am lucky that I seem to be able to get clean open/close signals, and be content with that for now! Thanks for working with me on this.
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Re: Tonehole Sensor reading?

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Pleasure! Sorry you weren't able to get the pitchbend data you were hoping for. In my experience sensing fingers 1 cm away is already pushing the sensors to the limit, as they're really designed for presence/absence sensing in the range of a few mm.
Andrew Mowry
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