Silent Warbl

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Silent Warbl

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My warbl has stopped working. The sound has always occasionally cut out after a while when I would play on my mac laptop, though the light would still work, so I got another mac (air), an adapter for it, and I got an ipad with adapter. Everything was working great but has recently started doing the same thing and now my warbl doesn’t work on any of them.

Sometimes if I unplugged then replugged it would start working again, sometimes I had to restart whatever I was playing on. I’ve deleted Celtic Sounds and downloaded it again, but none of that is working.

Also, sometimes this loud high pitched whine happens and I have to close the app and sometimes restart my mac/iphone/ipad to get it to stop.

I’m not using headphones of any kind.
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Re: Silent Warbl

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Hi Iris, have you also tried a different USB cable? If that's not the issue there could possibly a problem with the USB connector on the WARBL. In that case I'm happy to replace it. Would you mind sending me an email at Thanks!
Andrew Mowry
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