Performing/Gigging with Warbl v1

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Performing/Gigging with Warbl v1

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As much as I love the wireless options of the Warbl 2, I can't afford another instrument at the moment. I do however love the Original Model I have. I play various instruments for my local SCA/Renfaire group, but would like to be able to to have a more streamlined setup that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, or tangle me up in cables.

I do have FluidSynth on my Android phone, but the onboard speakers are garbage. Bluetooth speakers have too much latency. Wired speakers are a pain to lug around. What's a humble bard to do? Is there some kind of belt-clip or backpack rig I can make/buy that would let me be the wandering minstrel I'd like to be?
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Re: Performing/Gigging with Warbl v1

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I have the Bose Soundlink speaker that I wire to my iPhone and wirelessly connect to W2. This is the smallest practice set up I believe you can have that sounds great with SWAM instruments. The W2 is a game changer.
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