New fingering query

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New fingering query

Post by BJG » Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:57 am

This is just a whimsical idea, but I'd be interested in any thoughts. I've always been interested in the idea of something like a MIDI equivalent of the Microwriter, an early handheld wordprocessing device with a "chording" keyboard that allowed you to type characters with combinations of buttons. (I've never seen one, but I remember reading about them.)


I was thinking of having a go at this with the Warbl, creating a fingering which would let you play melodies without breath/wind pressure by tapping combinations of holes. I'm thinking of using the first two holes to control register (xx, ox, xo) and holes 3-7 to tap out a chromatic scale; perhaps something like:

xx ooooo (silent)
xx xoooo (lowest note)
xx xxooo
xx oxooo
xx oxxoo
xx ooxoo
xx ooxxo
xx oooxo
xx oooxx
xx oooox
xx xoxoo
xx xooxo
ox xoooo (octave)
ox xxooo


I'd like to experiment to see if the idea works in theory, and whether I can find something playable.

So the question is...would it be possible to adapt the code to use a system like that, and what would be a good starting point...? It would be a bit like a Northumbrian smallpipe in bagless mode, but with an arbitrary fingering pattern where notes only play in certain positions.



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Re: New fingering query

Post by admin » Tue Jun 23, 2020 11:28 pm

Hi Ben, sorry for the delay in responding to this. I made a version of the firmware last year for someone who wanted to use WARBL to trigger uilleann pipes regulators, which you play with your wrist. Covering different pairs of consecutive holes plays specific notes, with no breath required (I haven't looked at this in a bit, so I forget if you have to put it in bagless mode and use a button to start it-- you might.).

It sounds very similar to what you're trying to do, so this might be a good starting point. I'll attach the code here. If you search the code for "Regulators" you'll see all the places where I made additions. You could copy those over to a newer version of the firmware if you wanted to. The fingering chart lists only specific combinations of holes that will trigger notes (I think each triggers two notes simultaneously), and all other combinations are ignored, i.e. won't produce any sound).

This should get you started, but let me know if you run into issues.

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Re: New fingering query

Post by BJG » Fri Jun 26, 2020 10:03 am

...great, thanks...!

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