MIDI messages

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MIDI messages

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I would like to seek clarification of the midi messaging of the warbl - does a note on command (CC1, note#, velocity) which is activated by an ramp up of the breath pressure, transmit a variable or fixed velocity parameter? Is then variation of volume once the midi note has been triggered achieved by an expression (CC11, level) command?
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Re: MIDI messages

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The NoteOn message normally has a velocity of 127 if the “Force max velocity” switch is checked, and 64 otherwise.

If you turn on the “Send pressure as velocity” switch the velocity will change based on pressure (and how you choose to map it).

Changing the volume after the note is triggered will depend on the app or synth, etc., but typically CC11 will work, or sometimes CC2 or CC7.
Andrew Mowry
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