Connecting from iPhone to speakers

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Connecting from iPhone to speakers

Post by cyleclayton »

I have an iPhone. I just got a Warbl, downloaded the App and Celtic Sounds app to the phone.

I need to connect it into a sound system to play with a group.

I read that I should buy a USB hub, which I did - UGREEN 2-Port USB 3.0 Hub with External Stereo Sound Adapter. I connected Warbl to Hub to iPhone Camera adapter. When I do I have no power to the Warbl and cannot hear via the headphone jack on the USB Hub.

I need some step-by-step help to connect from my iPhone to my sound system. Advice will be appreciated.
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Re: Connecting from iPhone to speakers

Post by 2Dog »

Please start by telling us which iphone you have.
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Re: Connecting from iPhone to speakers

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I'm sorry to hear that the hub isn't working for you. I haven't tried that one myself but I've heard of a few others using it successfully. It may be that Apple has changed something that has caused it to stop working. One thing that you may be able to try is powering the hub with a micro-USB cable/charger to see if for some reason it is requesting more power than your phone can supply. The other option is to use a simple adapter instead of a hub. This kind seems to work for most people.
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