how to get warbl to play with ipad

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how to get warbl to play with ipad

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I have the warbl app on my ipad - it seems to be connected - but I do not get any sound.

Is the Warbl app enough?

Do I also have to run Opera rather than Safari.

I am a new user and very disappointed.

Please help if you can.

I could use a step by step guide to getting my warbl set up on my ipad.
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Re: how to get warbl to play with ipad

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Sorry for the delay-- I've been away for a few days.

You'll need a MIDI app to produce the sound-- Celtic Sounds is a good basic one to start with. You'll download the free WARBL app to change settings on the WARBL itself, and then a MIDI app like Celtic Sounds to produce the sound. To get started, you can likely just open the Celtic Sounds app and play, without using the WARBL app. However, you will likely soon want to use the WARBL app to adjust settings and possibly calibrate the sensors. I would suggest starting by watching the third and fourth videos here:

Feel free to respond here or email me if you have further questions.
Andrew Mowry
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