Off the grid?

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Off the grid?

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Does the configuration tool work in places that don't have internet connection? I like to camp in places that don't have cell phone coverage. (I'll stop and see your store the next time I pass thru Bend Oregon.)

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Re: Off the grid?

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Hi Dwight,

If you're using an iOS device, if you open the WARBL app while you still have internet and then don't "force-close" it, you should be able to use the app after you lose internet. Force-closing the app will require it to reload the page next time it opens.

If you're using a different device like a WIndows or Mac laptop, you can download this version of the Configuration Tool, which will always run on your device instead of from the internet (if I make to the Configuration Tool they won't show up in this version unless it is updated): ...

Generally speaking, the idea with the Configuration Tool is that you won't need it as often once you set up the WARBL how you like it, but I certainly understand wanting access to it if you're experimenting with settings on a regular basis.
Andrew Mowry
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