Whistle but no C#

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Whistle but no C#

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Hi I have the whistle settings but still the 7 th and thumb notes work and the top note is C nat . Useing Celtic app . How do I get it to give me standard whistle notes and fingering ? Can’t seem to find it! I normally just use it for bagpipes up till now but am sat in airport practicing my new whistle tunes . Cheers
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Re: Whistle but no C#

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It sounds like maybe it didn’t actually change the fingering chart. When you select a new fingering pattern from the dropdown menu, the LED on WARBL should flash, indicating that it received the command. Then, you also need to make sure you save the new settings for that instrument. Finally, if you’re using an instrument other than instrument 1, you would need to to switch to that instrument using a button command next time you plug WARBL (it always turns on with instrument 1 settings loaded).
Andrew Mowry
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