My Settings for bagpipe and Wind controller

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My Settings for bagpipe and Wind controller

Post by gerard »

Hi all I thought I would share my settings that I use with Upiper, Celtic Sounds and Thumbjam on the ipad and pc. All in the key of C

bagpipes.png is for bagpipes
bagpipes.png (45.87 KiB) Viewed 3611 times
and wind.png is for wind controller
wind.png (58.58 KiB) Viewed 3611 times
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Re: My Settings for bagpipe and Wind controller

Post by 2Dog »

Belated thanks. Now that I am ready to explore new fingerings this is what I need to get started. I wish more posters would do this and attach a sound or video file of the result of their settings. Need to know if these would be the same for bag and breath. I was confused by the initial settings when I started to set up GHB as it defaulted to the key of Bb. I see you have yours set for C. I was thinking that keeping it in Bb might confuse some of these bag pipe apps that are set up for a certain midi feed. They also get confused over the octave that is selected. Do you find that you have to change WARBL settings when you switch apps? The pipe and whistle apps are very confusing for a beginning and I feel they are aimed at the intermediate player. All the apps that I have used with other wind controllers or the WARBL in Sax fingerings did not change their response when changing octaves or keys on the wind controller. These pipe and whistle apps seem not to respond at all if you change keys or octaves sometimes.
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