Bending with EVI trumpet fingering

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Bending with EVI trumpet fingering

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I can't configure the warbl to bend notes when using the EVI trumpet fingering. The description "The right fourth finger can be used for pitchbend by enabling it as a vibrato hole in the Conguration Tool and setting vibrato depth as high as is desired." from the manual does not work. No effect in Respiro or somewhere else.
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Re: Bending with EVI trumpet fingering

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Sorry for the delay-- I had to refamiliarize myself with this one and test it. It seems to work for me as described-- you select "2. Vibrato only" and then set the vibrato depth slider as high as you would like (the maximum is 50 cents). It should also be selected as a vibrato hole (i.e. it should be shown in yellow, which it should be by default). Then the fourth finger should flatten the currently playing note when you lower it over the tone hole. Is it not producing any pitchbend messages when you do that? If you open the MIDI Console in the Configuration Tool, do it show pitchbend messages?
Andrew Mowry
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