Everybody wants their own fingering

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Everybody wants their own fingering

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OK, here's an idea...

On the Aerophone you can set your own finger combinations to get notes that you want. It's a great feature, because everyone is unhappy with some aspect of the standard fingerings.

On the WARBL, to get the fingering you like you can either:
a) convince Andrew to build it into the next release
b) adjust one of the standard fingerings and compile/install yourself.

How about this:
Andrew builds a web tool to design your own fingering - not too hard - just a list of all the possible fingerings with a choice of the note you want.
Andrew adds another fingering choice called "User"
The user updates the custom fingering, presses a button, and a custom-compiled version of the firmware is e-mailed to user, who can install it using the usual methods.
Easy! Maybe a charge for "custom user" status?

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