Add optional MPE support

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Add optional MPE support

Post by danjcla »

Mentioned this elsewhere, but thought I'd also put in a proper feature request.

It sounds like the WARBL is capable of musical expression that is beyond the capability of traditional MIDI to capture completely.

It would be nice to have an optional MPE mode, where the full expressiveness of the WARBL could be captured and played with.

Some info on MPE aka MIDI Polyphonic Expression: ... 20software.

The actual spec: ... MIDI%201.0.

I think I recall you mentioning WARBL was based on Arduino, and that platform does seem to be capable of MPE, e.g.
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Re: Add optional MPE support

Post by admin »

It's certainly a possibility, though as most of the instruments that WARBL mimics are by nature monophonic, I'm not sure how many users would benefit from it. I'll research this.
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Re: Add optional MPE support

Post by 2Dog »

I have two MPE keyboards and Mac software that supports MPE and a few apps that also support MPE. I have been able to send midi messages to trigger x y and z axis using the WARBL in bag mode but didn't find it all that musical and there is a learning curve to even get it close to musical. If you are after making weird sounds I guess there would be some use. Using MPE with a keyboard is another story as it helps to have finger vibrato on a keyboard along with the ability to trigger other sounds by sliding up the key. These keyboards are designed to send cc and midi messages on a per key basis. The WARBL would have to be programed to have every hole send these cc and midi messages.
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