More Hardware Porn!

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More Hardware Porn!

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For the hardware-interested among us, it'd be great if the website could have a few more images of the WARBL in various stages of assembly. I'm particularly interested in a high-res picture of the PCB next to the enclosure, also a dimensions sheet would be cool (both of these as I'm interested in if there is any room at all to cram more things in it :-)

It'd be good to know how easy it is to repair - e.g. how the PCB is removed from the enclosure.

A "Making of the WARBL" video would also be cool and could get you publicity on the various hardware hacker / Arduino sites like hackaday etc.
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Re: More Hardware Porn!

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Thanks for the suggestions-- I've been posting some assembly photos to the Facebook page:

I've attached a few of those here. Next time I assemble a batch of them I'll try to take more detailed photos. The black foam that you see is for sound-deadening purposes only.

To answer your question about available space, there's some, but not much ;). It would be possible to fit a few more small MCUS and passive components, but not a battery, with the current enclosure. I've tried to keep all the SMD components to one side of the board to reduce assembly cost, but I suppose some could be added to the other side as well. I'll work on a dimensions sheet--you can also take measurements KiCAD files.
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