Everybody wants their own fingering

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Everybody wants their own fingering

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OK, here's an idea...

On the Aerophone you can set your own finger combinations to get notes that you want. It's a great feature, because everyone is unhappy with some aspect of the standard fingerings.

On the WARBL, to get the fingering you like you can either:
a) convince Andrew to build it into the next release
b) adjust one of the standard fingerings and compile/install yourself.

How about this:
Andrew builds a web tool to design your own fingering - not too hard - just a list of all the possible fingerings with a choice of the note you want.
Andrew adds another fingering choice called "User"
The user updates the custom fingering, presses a button, and a custom-compiled version of the firmware is e-mailed to user, who can install it using the usual methods.
Easy! Maybe a charge for "custom user" status?

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Re: Everybody wants their own fingering

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Sorry, I thought I had replied to this, but I guess I never did :). I’m not sure how to automate the process of adding a fingering chart and compiling the software, and there are some other things in the code that are specific to each fingering pattern other than just the chart.

However, in the next firmware release I do hope to add the option to make a simple custom fingering chart. It was suggested elsewhere in the forum a while back: There will be a simple tin-whistle-like pattern, and you’ll be able to assign any MIDI note to each of the fingerings. It won’t be exactly like having control over every possible fingering combination, but I think it will be quite versatile.
Andrew Mowry
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