Recorder fingering g#

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Recorder fingering g#

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warbl seems to be a really great device! I understand that it is primarily aimed at tin whistle and bag pipe players, but I noticed in the documentation that there is a recorder fingering as well, what makes it interesting to me because I play the recorder. But I noticed that there is no fingering for g# in the documentation (normal fingering would be 01245 or 012456 or with 6 half open depending on the instrument). is this perhaps an error in the documentation or is the recorder fingering indeed lacking g#? in which case I want to make the suggestion to add g# to the fingering. greetings!
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Re: Recorder fingering g#

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Thanks for catching this-- I had indeed left it out. I'm not sure if anyone has used the recorder fingering much yet, and I expected there would be a few things that would need changing. I added G# to the 1.6 version of the firmware, which I've attached here in beta form and I hope to release soon.
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