WARBL Firmware version 1.7 released

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WARBL Firmware version 1.7 released

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Today I'm releasing the next version of the WARBL Firmware (1.7). I am now recommending a new app called QMK Toolbox for updating the firmware on both Windows and Mac. It was made for updating USB keyboards but work well with WARBL. It should be more reliable than the old Hex Uploader app, though if you've successfully used that in the past you can still use it. I've made a video (as well as updating the User Manual) about how to do the update process using QMK Toolbox:


Please let me know if you have any problems with the update process. It shouldn't interfere with your current WARBL settings.

The new firmware contains the following additions and changes:

-Added two "modified saxophone" fingering charts
-Added EVI (trumpet) fingering chart
-Added Japanese shakuhachi fingering chart
-Added the ability to set a default instrument, i.e. the one that will be active when WARBL is powered on.
-Added the ability to send aftertouch (channel pressure) messages based on pressure.

-There is now the option to "force max velocity", meaning that if pressure is not being sent as velocity data, you can force WARBL to always send a Note On velocity of 127. That will maximize the volume of many MIDI apps. If this option isn't selected, the default velocity will be 64. If you've had problems with MIDI apps being too quite in the past, you will notice an immediate improvement after installing the new firmware.

-With recorder fingering you can now reach the second register by uncovering the thumb hole, and the third register by using overblowing while uncovering the thumb hole. Some alternate fingerings have been added to avoid conflicts between the registers (see the fingering chart for more info).
Andrew Mowry
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