Bagpipe Pro + MIDI

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Re: Bagpipe Pro + MIDI

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Andrew, you’re a gem!
A thousand thanks.
Will these drone settings correspond with Celtic Sounds, as well?
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Re: Bagpipe Pro + MIDI

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The Celtic Sounds drones commands are actually slightly different-- it expects a "Note on" message both to turn the drones on and to turn them off. There are two different drones samples: MIDI note 50 controls Lynch drones and MIDI note 51 controls Crowley drones. The default settings for the drones control panel are for Celtic Sounds, as in the attached screenshot.

Celtic Sounds also had uilleann regulators that can be controlled with MIDI notes, for example by assigning them to the WARBL buttons. The App Store page for Celtic Sounds discusses all of that (click on "More..."): ... 1403026032
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