prospective purchaser need advice

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ap myrddin
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prospective purchaser need advice

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Hi just about to purchase a warbl to mainly use as uilleann pipe can anyone tell me pleasae will it work with a huawei smart phone and can it be used with the dicky deacon midi app ... ant-audio/
if not what is the best app to use foruillean pipe/bag pipe sounds and if huawei not suitable what would be the best device to purchase

any advice welcome i am not the most technically minded of people lol

cheers Ap Myrddin
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Re: prospective purchaser need advice

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Hello, I'm not sure if there's a way to use Kontakt plugins like that on Android devices. I don't believe there is, but I could be wrong. I unfortunately don't know of any bagpipe apps that are currently available for Android. If anyone would like to supply me with uilleann pipes samples then I could create a SoundFont that could be used in FluidSynth on Android, but I don't personally have pipes for recording samples.

If you have a Mac or PC, you could use Universal Piper: ... gpipe-lab/

iOS devices have a wider variety of apps available, including Celtic Sounds MIDI Module, Universal Piper, and EPipes.
Andrew Mowry
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