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You can order WARBL on this page using PayPal. I am currently able to ship orders within one to two business days.


Please note: WARBL is a MIDI controller and doesn't make any sound on its own. It must be plugged into an appropriate device running a MIDI app, or a MIDI hardware synth. To plug WARBL into an iOS device, an Apple Camera Adapter or similar adapter is also needed. Other adapters than the Apple-branded ones may not work with MIDI devices. For Android devices, a USB OTG (On-The-Go) adapter may be needed. Please see the User Manual for more information.

WARBL MIDI Wind controller: $250. Also includes a micro USB cable, vented mouthpiece, closed "tube" mouthpiece, and food-safe grease for the rubber stopper. Priority Mail shipping within the U.S. is $8 for one WARBL or $16 for 2-4. Please contact me for ordering larger quantities. International DHL Express shipping for one WARBL is $28 for one WARBL or $56 for 2-4. There is also a PayPal fee for international orders. Please note: Customers outside the U.S. are responsible for all import duties, taxes, and tariffs. These can be significant in some cases. If your language uses a different alphabet than English (Roman alphabet), please enter your address in the English format when you check out. Unfortunately DHL does not accept addresses using other alphabets. Thanks!

Collapsible water bottle bagpipe bag, with stopper and 1/4" tube to plug into WARBL: $10 (no extra shipping cost if ordered in the same quantity as WARBL above).

Bell sensor for uilleann bagpipes players, allows playing "on the knee": $25 Also includes a special right-angle micro USB cable (not shown). No extra shipping cost if ordered in the same quantity as WARBL above.

New vented mouthpiece: $15 This is included with all WARBLs beginning November, 2020, but is available here for those who bought WARBL before this mouthpiece was available. The mouthpiece is made of tough food-safe nylon. Note: remove the rubber stopper before twisting this mouthpiece into place. Shipping is $8 in the U.S. or $28 for international orders (or no additional shipping if bought with other items above).