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Videos specific to WARBL2

WARBL2 Introduction

Connecting the WARBL2 to an iOS Device (iPhone or iPad) using BLE MIDI

Connecting the WARBL2 to Windows using BLE MIDI

WARBL2 optical sensor calibration

Creating custom fingering charts for the WARBL2

Updating the WARBL2 Firmware

Michael Eskin demonstrating the WARBL2 using Celtic Sounds MIDI Module on an M1 Mac

Videos specific to the original WARBL

WARBL Introduction

This "unboxing" video shows what you will receive with the WARBL, discusses initial hardware setup, and should answer some common basic questions about WARBL. It does not cover any software setup.

An overview of using the WARBL Configuration Tool to change settings on the WARBL.

Calibrating the optical sensors

Updating the WARBL Firmware

Using and Calibrating the Optional Bell Sensor

General WARBL videos

Here I discuss the basics of using the Celtic Sounds MIDI Module iOS app with WARBL. This is a good place for new WARBL users to begin.

Using Sforzando, a free Windows and Mac MIDI app, with WARBL and a free tin whistle soundfont

Stephanie, AKA "CutiePie" demonstrating WARBL on her tin whistle channel. Thanks Stephanie!

Matt Willis demonstrating WARBL with Uilleann fingering along with the AppCordions "Uilleann" app. Thanks Matt!

Michael Rector explaining how to set up WARBL on an Android device, using the FluidSynth app.

Antonio Rodriguez Bustabad using WARBL.

"Fosco" (Lorenzo Carducci) using WARBL with tin whistle and uilleann sounds from the Celtic Sounds MIDI Module app.

Another example from Antonio Rodriguez Bustabad.

Gerard KilBride demonstrating WARBL with a real bagpipe bag.

Gerard demonstrating using WARBL as a whistle/wind controller.

Michael Eskin demonstrating uilleann pipe fingering with the bell sensor.

Michael Eskin demonstrating WARBL as tin whistle with his Celtic Sounds MIDI Module app.

Vinay Dhavala demonstrating bansuri fingering and the use of WARBL in Indian music.

Ben Glover, using the WARBL trumpet/EVI fingering (sound from SWAM Trumpets).

Jim Hanks demonstrating some of WARBL's wind controller capabilities.

Jim Hanks explaining the Natve American flute fingering chart, which he designed. Thanks Jim!

An introduction to the new WARBL mouthpiece

WARBL with Respiro, from Paddy at CreativeMedia.org.uk

Rudy at impoxplus.com using WARBL to control multiple instances of Respiro.

A brief introduction to using WARBL with Respiro

Jim Hanks with more detail about using WARBL with Respiro

WARBL with SampleTank on iPad